Mind Over Matter | Confidence As A Weapon

Mind Over Matter: If you don’t mind, they don’t matter.

I’ve learned the hard way that trying to please everyone is not only an almost impossible task, it’s also super stressful and not worth the pain. Besides learning to pick and choose your battles, you should have the confidence in yourself to be okay with certain decisions. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

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I Am What I Am and it’s OK

i am what i am and its ok

The first step to achieving a state of sophrosyne: Being OK with who you are.

You need to be OK with who you are and what you are. Your opinion makes the most difference. Don’t ever beat yourself up for not fitting in, being weird, or being an awkward turtle. It’s OK to stand out, weird is the new cool, and awkward moments sometimes make great stories. You wield the pen of your story and you should love what you write.

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The Boyfriend Look

Because it clearly looks better on me.

Hahaha just kidding, only a little. I stole this turtle neck and jacket from my boyfriend because I had the brilliant idea that it would make for the perfect look. It’s actually super funny because he was wearing it at the time and I had to tell him that I’m jacking his fit on the spot. Sharing is caring, right? Luckily, he was more than happy to oblige making an exuberantly happy me.

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Unraveling My Security Blanket | Depression

You never know what someone’s going through at the time and you should never believe all you see on the surface. 

This past decade alone has really been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve had many highs, but I’ve also had many, many lows. It’s sometimes hard to even look back because there have been so many dark moments that I’m not proud of and periods of time I’d rather not remember.

Everyone bears their own closet of demons and everyone fights different battles. It’s never an easy feat to overcome certain feelings, especially ones that you can’t explain where they come from or how to resolve them.

I’ve decided to venture into some very sensitive territory and talk about Depression because it has been a rather large part of my life, believe it or not. The hardest part is feeling like you’re alone, so this is dedicated to the deeper layer of myself and for anyone out there who feels like there’s no place to turn to and no one who truly understands what you’re going through.

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