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First Travel Destination: HONG KONG!!!

I’ve been a little bit absent from posting on the social media world just because I was busy taking a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong with my mom. I surprised her with a trip to travel to Hong Kong (and Macau) so it’s been a whirl wind of traveling through time and then finding ways to kill 8 hours. Unfortunately the check in time for our AirBnB left us with 8 hours of fluff and we also had some difficulty getting service ๐Ÿ™ Anyway we made it and got all settled in. It’s been exhausting and my body is currently still in NY mode so my hours are all flipped.

jenn hanft on beach

Why did I decide to travel to Hong Kong?

I actually traveled to Hong Kong two years ago with my brother and a few friends. It was such a fun experience for spring break and I vowed that I would definitely come back. I mean, hello, the food isย amazing. Anyway, I booked this trip mainly for my mom. It was on my bucket list to take her somewhere out of the country and I figured Hong Kong would be the best spot. I’ve been here before so that basic knowledge was definitely a plus. I also wanted her to experience the food and beautiful scenery here. So, before I knew it, I just booked the tickets and here we are!

jenn hanft with boat on beachjenn hanft on beach with boat

jenn hanft with boat on beach

Wanderlust: Where To Travel Next?

Now that I’m actually traveling again, my wanderlust has kicked in times ten! I’m going to share with you my top 5 travel destinations to go to next.

1. Japan

I’ve beenย dying to travel to Japan for the longest time! I’m a huge ramen lover, so going to the heart of where it originated is a dream come true. Plus, it’s beautiful there! Everyone I know who has traveled to Japanย has fallen in love with it. I want to, too!

2. Korea

Another country I’d love to travel to is Korea. I’m really interested in checking out the skincare products there! I’ve also heard great things about how beautiful it is there. I think if I could, I would love to combine this with my next destination…

3. Taiwan

Taiwan is my birth place so I 100% want to travel back to it. I haven’t been since I was very young so going back to visit family and just explore the country with new eyes is a huge goal for me. I’d love to do an Asia trip! I think that would be amazing!

4. Italy

I want to travel toย tons of cities in Italy, such as Venice, Milan, Rome, etc. I’m dying to go see the beautiful architecture and have their spaghetti LOL! If I could, I would definitely love to revisit Paris and London.

5. Iceland

The Blue Lagoon…The Northern Lights, what else can I say?! It’s incredible how beautiful a place can be even in the cold. I would love to travel here sometime soon! Beaches and warm weather is nice, but it’s a breathe of fresh air to go someplace else.

I definitely have tons of other travel destinations on my bucket list, but these are my top 5! Hopefully I’ll get to cross some of them off the list soon!

What places do you want to travel to?

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